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Pandit Ramprasad Sharma-A Tribute to a loving guru and a father

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   Pandit Ramprasad Sharma was a great trumpet and violin player. More than 2000 of his disciples are musicians in the cine world today. He is the father and teacher of the fabled Music director Pyarelal, and has also been a music guru ranging from teaching notations and playing techniques to some pupils, to everything they know in music to the rest. Panditji has been a guru for an overwhelming number of people ranging from slum dwelling children to great masteros.

A few names would be Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshksar, Uttam Singh, Surendra Sodhi, Anu Malik, Zarine Daruwala, Mahavir Prasad,  and of course Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Even Naushad, C. Ramachandra, Abdul Halim Zafar Khan and Faiyaz Khan have to different extents learnt certain notations/techniques from Panditji...

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